TRMT Acquires BIC

Tim Rogers Montana has acquired the long established local Marketing company, with an eye on future growth.

Bozeman Information Center Advertising
Bozeman Information Center has been a marketing fixture, promoting local businesses in the lobbies of Hotels and Motels around Bozeman for over 25 years. 

Originally established, owned and operated by Bonnie Keirle, who single handedly stocked racks into her late 80’s, the business has been under the stewardship of Tom & Kathy Pallach, since 2016. TRMT have been BIC clients since 2019 and have acquired the business and rights to the business name, in a deal finalized September 1st, 2023.

In a letter to clients, Tom & Kathy wrote: “Tim and Dione Rogers, long-time friends and BIC clients, have taken over the reigns as new owners. We’re confident that with their entrepreneurial spirit and business savvy they will continue to help market and grow your businesses”.

Speaking on behalf of TRMT, Marketing Director, Veronica Hearst said: “One of our focuses has always been the promotion of local independent businesses, so when the opportunity arose, it seemed an obvious progression of that”.

Tim Rogers added: “Dione and I are very active in the Bozeman community and are customers of a number of our advertisers. We naturally wish to maintain the great business relationships that Bonnie, Tom and Kathy have built over the years and provide great value to all our clients. We hope in the coming months to expand on the network of physical locations, along with creating a greater digital presence, for BIC”.

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