Tom Pallach – Bozeman

Tom Pallach has lived all his life in Montana. He succeeds in capturing many of the hallmark elements of the State in in his varied body of work. The beautiful topography, stunning, sometimes harsh winter landscapes and exploding star filled sky.  Among some of his wildlife images are some wonderfully playful captures sitting alongside those depicting the battles of alpha males, both in the animal kingdom and the Rodeo chute.

Some of Tom’s work can be seen adorning the walls of Yellowstone Real Estate Group in Livingston. Canvas Prints can be purchased there.  The most up to date of his work can be found at his recently updated website, where images and prints can be purchased in varying formats.


General Montana By Tim Rogers

Montana Epic Adventure Photography 

Is the brainchild of my friend and neighbor, Brian Phillips. 

If you have the dream of visiting the parts of Montana most never get to see – and take the kind of photographs to do that justice Montana Epic Adventure Photography will get you there.

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