See the Parts of Western Montana Most Never Reach

The Montana Secret is well and truly out. Be it Summer or Winter the numbers of visitors are  continuing rise. With the never ending Pandemic very firmly installed in everyone’s consciousness, the appeal of space and clean air is understandable.  As a result, the traditional hubs of Bozeman and Yellowstone are trying to cope with demand that out strips capacity. 


There is still a lot of space out there

If your adventure drive is looking for something a little off of the beaten track, consider the bespoke services of Montana Epic Adventure Photography. 
Be it Summer, Winter or anytime in between Brian Phillips and his team can “get you there”. 
Brian’s collection of Big Boys Toys can cope with terrain beyond that of your standard side by side or All Terrain Vehicle. 


Check out some of the toys, including our Can Am RAZR 4 seaters and our Supercharged Jeep Wrangler. Built to cope with the Montana terrain, be it in Winter or Summer or somewhere in between. Go inside a trip to Pipestone for an off road experience. 

Adventure, Photography, Ice Fishing, Snowmobiling Snowbiking, It’s your Call! 

The opportunities for outdoor fun in Western Montana are virtually endless. 
Tim Rogers Montana, in conjunction with Montana Epic Adventure can help make the experience one to truly remember; with the kind of photographs to do it justice.
This is not your standard “off the shelf” tour package. Each assignment is individually crafted with the client to adapt to their vision. Brian’s business background has spanned product development and marketing to Safari Photography to designing and building custom homes in and around Bozeman and Big Sky’s most exclusive areas. This has has garnered an appreciation of and an attention to detail that goes beyond standard.                                                                                                          


Please feel free to contact us with any questions or requirements and we can start building your Montana Adventure. 

You can find answers to some of the more common questions we get below but we’ll be happy to address any specific needs or requests.  





    Frequently Asked Questions


    Where Do You Operate? 

    We cover South West Montana. We are based in Bozeman and Big Sky but the ethos of our business is to get you where you want to be. As each trip is tailored to clients requirements, the first step is to contact us. 

    What Trip Options Do You Offer 

    Within reason, if you can imagine it, we can probably make it happen. Lets talk!

    Are You Insured

    We carry all required insurances. However no real adventure comes without inherent risks and clients are required to provide waivers. 

    What does it cost

    Running the type of vehicles and tours we specialize in is not cheap. Again, each trip is individually planned and quoted but clients should anticipate daily rates starting in the region of $1000.