The Spirit of Bozeman

Not all heroes wear capes, or firefighting uniforms for that matter. 

In times of emergency, it can be a simple act of kindness from a neighbor that helps the most.  As fires raged across the Bridger Canyon many such offers were made to those affected, by fellow residents.  Below is just a small selection that stood out, reprinted here in a modest effort to reflect who we are, and how we should engage. 

  • We are offering our 27ft Terry camper to anyone who has lost their home due to the fire.

    Crystal Rice
    Hi all. My family lives off Jackson Creek, we’ve been incredibly lucky so far, but I know so many of you have not. I live in California now but am coming back this weekend to help however I can. SO – anyone affected by the fire – if there’s anything you need help with next week or the week after (9/14–25), PLEASE reach out. Whether that’s doing socially distanced child care, taking care of your horses or animals, helping repair a fence, helping you think through and document lost belongings for an insurance claim, making a grocery run for you, etc etc etc. That’s what I’m there for, please don’t be shy. You can reach me here via Messenger. Love and hugs to all.
    Kate O'Donnell
  • I am happy to help anyone in need- whether its with animals (i have horses, but room for a few more. I was born on a ranch, so comfortable with cattle as well), fixing fence, meal service, errands, etc! I am not working at this time, so lots of flexibility! Just Message me!

    Tiffany Olson

    We have our truck and trailer ready to go on Jackson creek side if anyone needs help with catching livestock and transport. Also, have 20 acres of pasture for livestock. We’ll help anyway we can.

    Lisa O'Meara

    THANK YOU to the those who showed up in force with trailers and horse halters on Jackson Creek last night (those women I chatted with who were walking down the street) and rescued all the horses running free. You’re such heroes!!

    Kathleen Smith


I have lived in more parts of the world than most.  Some I have liked, some I have tolerated but to channel my Inner Steinbeck, “with Montana it is love”.   

This website is intended as a reflection of this and is intentionally multifaceted. My motivation was to build something that would extend beyond a business tool and might have interest value on its own merits. I want to share my enthusiasm for this wonderful part of the world and provide a resource to others who live in or visit Bozeman, or the wider Mountain region.

I hope to promote local independent businesses, artists, photographers and others who collectively help bring vibrancy to this wonderful Mountain Town. By extension, I hope it will introduce me to a wider circle of potential friends and clients, in that order.


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