So, Why Should We Choose to Work With You, Tim?

It’s a fair question. Let’s face the truth; Bozeman doesn’t need another Realtor.

Fortunately, while I have been involved in Real Estate most of my professional life, and that is over 25 years, I am going to try my best NOT  to be just another Realtor.


My Approach to Real Estate

Client Testimonials

  • Relationships

    A relationship with a Realtor is one that blurs many traditional boundaries in that you will be undertaking a very significant business transaction but one that is usually, emotionally driven. Very few transactions flow without a single issue and you should be suspicious of those who claim otherwise.

    In your choice of Realtor, you should consider if a candidate has the skills and experience to get a real grip on your needs and deliver on them.  Also, because locating a property or finding a buyer is only part of the equation, consider if you feel they have the personality to keep things on track and maintain a big picture focus on your interests, when challenges arise. It is my belief that the only way to build this type of trust is to meet and experience working with each other in some form. 

    I invite you to make contact with me and I will be happy to offer you honest advice and opinion, without obligation or presure. 

  • Experience

    My background is one of nearly 20 years in Central London real estate, one of the most challenging and competitive in the world. As such I have handled, or overseen in a management role, over 1000 transactions. I have dealt with the sale and purchase of residential homes, development sites and commercial premises. I have handled the sale of numerous residential development projects, in some cases from the planning stage through to the sale of the final unit.  During my years in Montana I have sold or been involved in the sale of a number of homes and Farm & Ranch properties through my Father in Law’s brokerage Scott Western Realty and most recently in Bozeman with my current brokerage The Yellowstone Real Estate Group.

  • Ethos and Commitment

    You will find no cheesy tag lines here. No disingenuous claims that you will be more important to me than anyone else in the word. Or that I will not eat or sleep until I have found you the home, or the buyer that does not exist in the real world.  Experience leads me to be suspicious of those who use such approaches.

    What I will do is assure you I am good at what I do.  I will commit to always offer honest views and advice, and my conscientious attention built firmly around a policy of what is best for my client is always best for me. That is not a throw away line, it is a fundamental principle that experience has solidified.

  • No Long Term Contracts

    Additionally worth stressing is I do not seek to tie clients to long term agreements, whether they are buying or selling (or indeed any contractual agreement in the first instance).  These are policies that have served me well throughout my career. My preference would always be to chat with potential clients in some form and build a relationship, without them feeling any pressure or obligation. As someone who has been through the process of buying a home in Bozeman in the recent past, and who experienced numerous Realtors in the process, I think you might find this attitude uncommon and refreshing.

  • “We had a great experience working with Tim and highly recommend him. Coming from out of town, his knowledge in and experience with the area ultimately supported where we decided to buy. He listened to what we were looking for, provided great options that were in line with our needs, and took care of us through closing.”


    Aaron and Shannon S. Bozeman
  • Tim Rogers did a fantastic job executing a remote purchase in Big Sky for me.  He visited all the properties and did excellent videos so I could see if there was anything the seller didn’t want me to see in their sales materials.  He checked out comparable market options for me and kept providing great guidance even after the sale was complete.

    M. Difronzo. Washington DC
  • Tim helped me to find and buy a home in an area I had not previously considered. His advice and insights gave me the confidence to push my budget for a house with acreage, just outside of Bozeman. In the time since I have watched as the market has exploded and the wisdom of that decision has been realized. I am very grateful for my introduction to Tim. 

    D. Kern. Trail Creek.
  • One of the most talented Agents I have worked with. 

    D. Germain - London

Let’s Talk

I try to keep things simple.  Calls, texts and emails for the most part. I do Facebook and have a active YouTube channel.  Please get in touch!