Smart Simple Pricing

My most common journeys are listed here, so you can see clear up front on costs. Please contact me for tailored quotes on specific tours or needs. Pricing quotes is based on a standard vehicle. Please refer to FAQ’s.

Looking for a Private Driver in Bozeman?  What ever your specific needs, whether they be just a ride to and from the airport or a more substantial journey I am able to help. Please take a look below and feel free to contact me with any queries.  

Bozeman To Big Sky

From $125Each Way

  • Airport or Downtown

Bozeman to Bridger Bowl

From $60Each Way

  • From Downtown

Airport Shuttle

From $40Each Way

  • Pre-Booking Peace of Mind.


Take a journey from Four Corners to Big Sky, MT in my 1979 Firebird, Tans Am.  This time lapse capture takes the route from Gallatin Gateway into the Canyon and long the banks of the Gallatin River, with a brief spot at a favored campsite.

This is a mid summer trip.  The landscape changes significantly in winter and more rugged transportation is required!

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    Private Driving FAQ's

    • How Many Passengers?

      All pricing is based on a standard 4 door saloon vehicle. It is not per passenger, however, allowances must be made for luggage space, skis etc.

    • We have Skis and Luggage?

      If you are traveling with more than one person and/or have luggage and ski’s you will likely need my SUV service. Prices for this are generally 20% higher than the quoted prices above.

    • Are you a safe driver?

      My current UBER and LYFT ratings are 4.96 & 5, respectively after thousands of rides.

      While no one can claim to be immune to the dangers of driving in Montana, and I do not, I can assure you that if you do utilize my services, you can be assured you will travel in a comfortable vehicle, in the case of my SUV Volvo XC90 R Design, that was built with winter in mind and is ranked among the safest on the road.

    • What are your hours?

      Standard advertised rates apply from 8 am to 8 pm.

      Obviously many flights depart early in the morning. I can be available outside of these times by arrangement, usually for little or no premium. Please contact me.

    • Tailored Private Tours

      I am available for private bookings and tours and am happy to discuss with you any specific requirements you have.

      I will make suggestions and advise based on a case by case basis.

      Please contact me.