Because Life is too Short for Boring Cars

I have had always had a typically boyish interest in cars.

If you live in Bozeman you are going to need a vehicle that can cope with the rigors this state can throw at you. So, you could do what just about everyone else does here, get yourself into a Subaru Outback and call it good. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that call.

But I have a have long held a theory that life is too short to drive a boring car. And I have married to that belief the fact that it is less expensive to seek out a quality, used premium brand car than to buy a new Chevy. On this page you will find a selection of “Bozemanesque” cars, currently for sale in South West MT, that fall into this category. My knowledge and experience is rooted in European makes so these will be predominant but there is room for non-bland cars of any continent.