I have always had a boyish enthusiasm for cars.

It has led me to own many interesting, collectible and occasionally, downright irresponsible vehicles.  Some might say I have had several mid life crisis’s.  But it’s never been boring.  

Below is a pictorial trip down memory lane that includes cars either owned by myself, from as far back as the late 80’s, or more recently sourced for clients.  Often that process has involved significant research and travel.  The best car you can buy, irrespective of type or obscurity, is rarely close at hand.  In some cases it has required interstate or even international transport. 

Private Car Rental

2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti Sport

Through Turo you can rent this sporty little number for a trip to Montana.  Because life is too short for boring cars. Full details here. 


Private Car Rental

Car Transportation

Need a vehicle transported to or from Montana? Whether you are looking for Private Drivers or Covered Transport for that exotic marque, I can help. Full details here. 


Enclosed Car Transportation

Off Road Adventure!

In association with Chitstorm Adventure Photography, let us tailor for you a day or days in the parts of Montana most do not get to see.