The Day Burt Reynolds Died – Bozeman MT.

Anyone who has any knowledge of me knows the part Burt Reynolds played in my childhood. Smokey and The Bandit was one of my my most replayed VHS tapes.  It was the inspiration to later life car choices.  Therefore, when he passed away on September 6th this year, I felt I had to do something to mark it.  I spent an afternoon cleaning up the Trans Am and left what I thought was a suitable and reserved single yellow/gold rose on the hood with his picture, outside of Cactus Records on Main.  I was pleased to get that parking space;  Bueno is a friend and his shop seemed appropriate.

I have always known the car gets attention. We often return to find passers by snapping pictures of it.  So many people have stories or memories attached to Trans Am’s from back in the day.  Clearly that day it had more significance.  The attachment of Burts image and the rose, I imagine, may have been how some people who passed, first heard of his loss.  The edited down footage from the 3 hours the car sat outside Cactus is below.  My guess is Bozemans recently more zealous parking attendants gave some dispensation on the 2 hour limit, for this car, on that day.

Due to the the number people who clearly stopped, I am wondering how many people may see this via the Ask Bozeman Facebook page. I am about to pin this too their timeline and hope the admins will allow it to remain.  Furthermore, my hope is that anyone who does, and has the pictures they took, may share them with me.  If I get any I will add them to a gallery below, on this post.

RIP Burt Reynolds.  Underrated actor.  Legend of the 70’s. Possible savior of a car company.

Tim Rogers 10/25/18