I have made some changes around here..

With a view to freshening things up, the design and format of the Best of Bozeman Downtown Real Estate page has been tweaked. Previously the list was presented in the form of a top 10 of properties. However this I have more recently concluded, was too arbitrary and required judgements I was uncomfortable with. While the number of properties featured will remain restricted to 10 (at least for now) they will not be presented with a suggestion of rank.

Equally the geographical boundaries previously imposed have now extended and property types expanded to include and reflect the changing nature of downtown. While I will continue to restrict listings within at least reasonable assertion of being downtown, I will incorporate those on the periphery where they represent value or interest. Commercial property can now be found here as long as it carries with it at least some form of residential capacity. However, new construction and “off plan” developments will still fall outside of consideration for the reasons previously detailed in the “not so small, small print”.

Tim, September 2022.

What it is.

The Best of Bozeman is a weekly updated, curated list of some of the best downtown real estate listings currently available for sale.

The prime real estate offerings featured here have been selected using a proprietary formula that attributes weighting to numerous factors. These include: Location, Value, Condition and a host of other variables.

There are no price or size minimum or maximum parameters set for inclusion. A small cottage is as likely to feature as one of Bozeman’s most historic mansions. Properties are selected independently without inducement. 

Best of Bozeman Properties

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