I am a Photographer.

I don’t say this to claim I am expert in the craft or a trained professional.  I say it because, I take photos. 

In an age when photography is disposable and capturing a moment is a phone click away, we mostly all are. To some extent.

My extensive real estate background has lead me to take pictures of thousands of properties.  As such I have acquired a respectable appreciation (I believe) in how to present them.  There are some aspects that should apply to all scenarios.  Others that require a little more imagination. And it is often in these areas, that the most effective results can be achieved.

Please see below some examples of work I have carried out for myself and for clients.

I am able to provide a wide range of Property Marketing to include:

External and Interior Photography

I have numerous tools available to me to help enhance the presentation of any property.  From wide angle lenses to stabilized gimbals and ingenious camera mounts.   Sometimes capturing the best image can be dictated simply by what time of day you shoot.  In each instance I try to ensure I am working with the sunlight at the best time to throw the appropriate shade or illumination on the property.

Aerial Photography & Video Presentation

To Include Editing and Mixing

Aerial and Drone Photography is as fast evolving as any sector of property marketing.  Used imaginatively, even in residential areas, it can help illuminate elements that would be lost to ground level photography.  In representing larger properties it is approaching an essential factor in effective promotion.



I have a British accent. People seem to like it, for the most part, even if they don’t always like what I am saying…  Of course if I am asked to voice over a property marketing video, the person paying me gets to choose what that is.

Prices for any of these services are individually quoted but start from as little as $25 for external shots.  I can assure you all quotations will be highly competitive.  Please get in touch.

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