Private Transport

Bozeman ⇄ Big Sky Shuttle From $120

The road to Big Sky is beautiful most of the time but by any measure it is also dangerous. In winter, especially so.

If traveling during the ski season there is every chance the road will be snow packed and icy in places and it can represent a daunting prospect for anyone unfamiliar to the route. I have been making this journey for a number of years and can attest to the exponential increase in traffic and erratic drivers.

While no one can claim to be immune to the dangers, and I do not, I can assure you that if you do utilize my services, you can be assured you will travel in a comfortable SUV (Volvo XC90 R Design) that was built with winter in mind and is ranked among the safest on the road. Mine has various additional safety options such as Haldex AWD instant traction and rolls on new Bridgestone Blizzaks winter tires, considered the industry standard bearer for safety and performance. 

Private Transport

Bozeman ⇄ BZN Yellowstone Airport Shuttle From $30

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Pre-book your transport to or from the airport and avoid the possibility of Surge Fees or worse, no driver availability.

Select from a choice of Premium vehicles for up to 4 Passengers with luggage, or 6 passengers with carry on.  For those travelling to the Mountains, I have a Yakima Sky Box for safe and comfortable transport with Ski’s or Snowboards.


Trans Am Cactus Records

Bozeman has UBER, so you are covered for short journeys in town. At the time of writing, however, it does not offer scheduled pick-ups.  If you are looking to make longer journeys, UBER becomes far less cost efficient. Maybe you only need a one-way ride that makes renting a car impractical, or perhaps you would like door to door service without the hassle and liabilities of that option. I offer private transport options in a variety of vehicles, on a case by case basis.

And if you think you might appreciate the journey you plan to make more from the passenger seat of classic black and gold,1979 Trans Am, I can make that happen.

Car Transport

During my time in the US I have moved numerous vehicles in and out of Montana.  On a number of occasions, literally coast to coast.  In the process I have built contacts and relationships with haulers and private drivers alike.  Transporting a vehicle here can be costly for a variety of reasons.  So, if you need a car brought to or from Montana (or just moved in State) and would like to compare the relative cost of your options, give me a call or shoot me a quick email.

“Your man in Bozeman”

In broad terms what I am trying to do is be a local asset to those in Bozeman and those who plan to be. Specific things I can help with are detailed below, along with more general assistance guidelines, but the recurring theme is give me a call or shoot me an email and I will always try to be of some use!

Other Services

Wedding Concierge

Guests coming into town? Need to arrange reliable collection of relatives? Somebody forgotten something important? Need a go to guy on the day for those last minute emergencies? My wife and I got married on a mountain in the middle of winter. Many of our guests were international and some had never seen temperatures below freezing. Organizing this was a challenge, so I have some clue what you will face. There WILL be some eventualities that you had not or could not plan for. Somebody WILL forget something. Reach out to me and pick my brains ahead of time. If you need someone in the run up or on the day to assist, I can make myself available.

Restaurant or Bar recommendations:

I spend rather too much time and money in both. The upside being if you need to know where you can get the freshest Sushi, the best breakfast joint, the bar with the best atmosphere on any particular night (they vary). I can help.

For the most part I am happy to pass on such tips in the spirit of just being helpful, to anyone. But I have a few less obvious off Main St “gems” to hold on to for clients.

Just need something collected? Car taken to or from service?

Give me a call. I will do my best to help

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