Montana Land

Looking to Invest in Montana Land?


Whether you are searching for that perfect parcel to build, or you are seeking to invest in land for the future.

In collaboration with referral partners I am routinely talking to private landowners with acreage to sell.  In fact, there are a number of good reasons you may want to get in touch.


– Insight & Experience:

I don’t work alone but over the last 10 years I have been directly involved with the sale of numerous, substantial land transactions. From Garfield County in the East to Madison County in the West and many others in between.


– Knowledge:

Montana’s Real Estate environment differs from most. Many land deals will never see the open market. Indeed, until recently most were between neighbors and agreed with a handshake. Times may be changing but knowledge and integrity still count.  I work with my father in law, a lifelong Montana native and former Rancher. Now with 40 years of rural Real Estate experience behind him, he is someone who has both.


– Approach:

I work proactively with client’s instructions, to seek out opportunities. My methods combine skills learned through decades of experience in real estate with extensive research and a little imagination.

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