Fairy Lake

The road is challenging

But the rewards are worth the bone shaking pot holes you will endure. Approximately 8 miles up the notoriously washboard surface from highway 86 in Sedan MT, Fairly Lake is a classic example of a glacier lake. Color bounces off the crystal clear water and changes in relation to the time of day, cloud cover and your view perspective.

These days the tranquility and beauty is, sadly these days, somewhat disturbed by the increased number of visitors straining for the killer social media post, and viewing their present surroundings mostly  through a screen. But you can still usually find a spot to call your own to sit for a while. Best times to visit, somewhat given the above are early in the morning or later in the day.

My timing was off and the shots below were taken with mid day lighting. However, I would venture when you are working with this kind of canvas, a pleasing shot can be achieved at any time and by even the most modestly talented “photographer”.

Not wishing to hypocritically create my own disturbance, the drone shots you see here were taken from distance, so some quality will have been lost to zoom.

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