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A Fully Licensed Hunting and Fishing Retreat – $390,000

Checkerboard Inn is a Fully Licensed Montana Resort – $390,000 Checkerboard Resort is a complete, year-around fully licensed resort business with; all beverage (full liquor) license, purveyors license, fuel pumps & license, and license for trailer park and cabins. Situated amid some of Montana’s most stunning scenery between 3 mountain ranges and providing for some …

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East Montana Grass Ranch $10,995,000

East Montana Grass Ranch in Cohagen, Montana sprawls across 25,480 Acres of premier grassland. Cattle stay fat and calves weigh 550-600 lbs. at weaning time on an average year. Trees are scarce—only a few scattered cottonwoods—but the geology is so diverse and the landscape so varied that it provides plenty of scenic beauty and protective …

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