Downtown Virtual Walking Tour

Take an hour long walk around Beautiful Bozeman on a stunning Fall day. See the colors in Historic District Downtown as you tour the charming streets surrounding Main. 60 Minute walk (or increase the speed to run) in 4k HD. Walking Tour of Bozeman. Downtown’s Finest Homes. Notable properties as featured in the Bozeman Chronicle Book Historic Homes of Bozeman by Thomas Lee & Derek Strahn.

Photographic Book by Derek Strahn & Thomas Lee

Walking Tour or Run. Relaxing Music included.

A Full List of Bozeman’s Registered Historic Homes

ID: 24GA954 22 West Lamme House 22 Est Lamme
ID: 24GA946 714 North Tracy House 714 North Tracy
ID: 24GA950 818 South Eighth House 818 South Eighth
ID: 24GA715 Barnett, R.T. and Company Building 13 East Main Street
ID: 24GA1520 Bartlett, Jack, House 8 West Harrison
ID: 24GA993 Beall Community Center 409 North Bozeman
ID: 24GA709 Blackmore Apartments 120 South Black
ID: 24GA936 Bohart House 510 North Church
ID: 24GA921 Bozeman Armory 24 West Mendenhall
ID: 24GA744 Bozeman Carnegie Library 35 North Bozeman Avenue
ID: 24GA710 Bozeman National Fish Hatchery 4050 Bridger Canyon Road
ID: 24GA920 Bozeman Sheet Metal Works 26 South Grand
ID: 24GA926 Bozeman YMCA 6 West Babcock
ID: 24GA931 Brandenburg House 122 West Lamme
ID: 24GA0769 Burr Fisher House 712 South Wilson
ID: 24GA935 Busch House 224. North Church
ID: 24GA1544 Charles Lundwell Building 123-125 West Main Street
ID: 24GA930 Colburn House 607 West Lamme
ID: 24GA923 Dokken Funeral Home 113 South Willson
ID: 24GA847 Emerson School 111 South Grand Avenue
ID: 24GA711 Emil Ketterer Residence 35 North Grand
ID: 24GA958 First Baptist Church 120 South Grand
ID: 24GA925 First Presbyterian Church 20 West Babcock
ID: 24GA916 Gallatin County Courthouse 301 West Main Street
ID: 24GA949 Gallatin County High School 404 West Main Street
ID: 24GA714 Gallatin County Jail 317 West Main Street
ID: 24GA943 Gallatin Valley Seed Company 209 South Wallace
ID: 24GA922 Gifford House 112 South Grand
ID: 24GA490 Graf Building 219 – 221 West Authur
ID: 24GA928 Hamill Apartments 427 East Main Street
ID: 24GA938 Hamill House 205 South Church
ID: 24GA944 Harris House 502 West Mendenhall
ID: 24GA948 Hines House 420 West Olive
ID: 24GA918 Holy Rosary Church Rectory 220 West Main Street
ID: 24GA739 Hotel Baxter 105 West Main Street
ID: 24GA945 Johnson House 506 North Bozeman
ID: 24GA941 Kolble House 716 South Black
ID: 24GA929 Litening Gas 424 East Main Street
ID: 24GA924 Methodist Episcopal Church 121 South Wilson
ID: 24GA937 MISCO Grain Elevator 700 North Wallace
ID: 24GA934 Newman House 216 North Church
ID: 24GA939 Panton House 801 South Seventh
ID: 24GA0942 Rouse House 506 East Babcock
ID: 24GA1502 Samuel Lewis House 308 South Bozeman Avenue
ID: 24GA0932 Spieth Houses 204 North Bozeman and 209 East Lamme
ID:   Federal Building & Post Office  10 East Babcock