The Best of Bozeman is a weekly updated “Top Ten” list of properties currently available for sale in the historic streets to the north and south of downtown.

The prime real estate offerings featured here have been selected by using an algorithm that attributes weighting to numerous factors, including: Location, Value, Condition and a host of other variables. There are no price or size minimum or maximum parameters set for inclusion. A small cottage is as likely to feature as one of Bozeman’s most historic mansions. Properties are selected independently without inducement, as such they are more than just adverts.

I make no claim of definitive expertise, naturally some judgements relating to property are subjective. This must always be kept in mind. However, I believe my research and the data of fact, is sound. Consequently, I trust this collection of “cherry picked” real estate can be a useful resource to a broad spectrum of prospective buyers wishing to filter out the best of the market.

If you would like to discuss any properties featured here, or perhaps why certain listings are or are not included, I would welcome your call.



  • The Best of Bozeman Downtown Real Estate List is restricted to a defined area North of Kagy, South of Oak, East of 19th and West of Highland. The requisite elements for inclusion are that I have inspected the property and it is not a new build.  My rationale for excluding new build is that I am not a building surveyor and not a professional judge of build quality.  Secondly price points are often dictated by factors not entirely market driven and lastly, I want someone to have had experience of living in the property.
  • Secondly, Schools. They are not given significant weighting in this list for a number of reasons.  The main of these being that my specialist area of Bozeman, frankly, has no bad schools. If there is a specific school that buyers wish their children to attend then clearly, they will address their search accordingly.
  • Finally, this is an attempt to adapt some science to partly un-scientific process. I make no claim of definitive expertise, naturally some judgements relating to property are subjective and in these assessments are elements of my own judgement and opinion. While, I believe my research and the data of fact is sound, this should be kept in mind.  I will do my best to keep the information here up to date and to the best of my knowledge accurate.  However, NO assurance of absolute accuracy in any area is either claimed or implied.