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Few cars are as recognizable or as synonymous with an era than the late 1970’s Pontiac Trans Am. The Black and Gold special edition Trans Am that Burt Reynolds catapulted into cinematic history and the hearts and minds of millions in the 1977 film Smokey and The Bandit is especially revered.

Many cloned versions of these cars exist but far fewer genuine special edition models. My 1979  model year Y84 numbers matching car is, however, such an example.  With its legendary “screaming chicken” hood decal, T Tops, original CB radio and V8 rumble this car turns heads and starts conversation everywhere ity goes. While it is not a show car, it is in very good condition and has featured in numerous photo and film shoots. The car can be commissioned, with rates starting at $500, for weddings and events, subject to suitable insurance.


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